Anne Meara, Mother of Ben Stiller Dies of Cancer
Anne Meara, Mother of Ben Stiller Dies of Cancer

It was recently released that Anne Meara has passed away. She lived eight-five years, and she accomplished a lot in her life. She leaves behind her husband Jerry Stiller and her son Ben Stiller. 

Jerry and Ben recently said that they understand these things happen in life. What they do not understand is what happened to Anne. Though eighty-five, she seemed to be okay the last time to two spoke to her. All of a sudden, she is dead. 

The autopsy report will be provided tomorrow or the next day, and then Jerry and Ben will have a bit of peace in their life. There is no telling where Anne will be buried, and there is no telling what the future holds for Jerry and Ben. They plan to get through this and then think about the future. They want to remember the good times they had with Anne Meara before thinking about their own lives. They want Anne to rest peacefully knowing that many people are thinking about her. 

Fans everywhere are very sad for both Jerry and Ben. Though this information was released just hours ago, thousands of people have already sent in their regards. Jerry and Ben were also surprised to see how many fans Anne herself had in this world. People from all over the world loved her work, and they still love it even today. 

There are rumors of Ben hosting some type of comedian function to honor his mom. If this happens, it will be one of the biggest comedy functions ever; people already love this wonderful idea.