Caitlyn Jenner’s Million Dollar Home Coasts A Cool $3.5 M
Caitlyn Jenner’s Million Dollar Home Coasts A Cool $3.5 M

After breaking the internet, Caitlyn Jenner is finally giving us a sneak peek inside her million dollar home which I must admit is pretty good. 

As expected her home had to have a “glam room”. Jenner has over the years waited for an opportunity to finally have a glam room and now that she is in a position to do so, she is ready to go all out. 

Caitlyn, who recently broke the internet following her unveiling, is now a proud owner of a 3.5 million dollar home which has a very pretty FAB room where she can spend most of her time doing what she loves  best and that is applying and trying out new makeup. 

At 65 years old, Jenner can finally stay in her glam room looking at her herself in the mirror and love what she sees. Her home, including the FAB glam room, were designed by professional and famed Hollywood interior designer James Hernandez. To make it even more interesting is the fact that her home was actually designed years before she was able to move in so to actually see that the designer was able to come up with a design that will be able to fit with Caitlyn style years later is just impressive. 

The main goal for Hernandez as he was designing the house was that he wanted it to have a “California - living” kind of feel. He wanted to achieve this by ensuring that the design did not look too “literal.” 

Based on the design of the house as well as how Caitlyn is satisfied we can tell that he was able to come up with a perfect design for the home.