Dramatic makeovers of Kardashian Clan
Dramatic makeovers of Kardashian Clan

Celebville is always up with new makeovers and trends that, most of the time shock us. Let’s take a look at the dramatic Kardashians who underwent some serious makeovers to look even more glamorous. And no, we’re never disappointed!

Kylie Jenner
Kylie is on the top of dramatic yet glamorous celebrities these days. Everyone went berserk with her fuller lips, crazy colored locks, and defined features. She is totally unrecognizable now. 

Kim Kardashian
Well, another Kardashian had to be on the list. Kim is constantly under the radar for her extremely yet glamorous fashion makeovers. We can’t forget the time since she went for super sculpted face.

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe, a couple of years ago had quite a lot of weight, which she has shed now. Apart from getting rid of extra weight, the youngest of the trio has also transformed tremendously with her ultra curvaceous figure. 
These 3 Kardashians, although we left Kourtney in this list, are the perfect mix of dramatic and glamorous.