Nicki Minaj Blocks Her Fans?
Nicki Minaj Blocks Her Fans?

Nicki Minaj definitely is one of the most popular rappers in the world, and she obviously thinks that title is something prestigious and elusive. And that’s ok, she can think whatever she wants, but that doesn’t give her the right to humiliate her fans and block them.
Her fans from all around the world are currently in shock, because they didn’t expect from their idol to act that way. And the reason for her blocking is because they asked her about her YouTube videos, because Nicki Minaj signed a deal with TIDAL which means that anyone who wants to watch some of her videos must pay for it.
Maybe she doesn’t know or is not aware of the fact that her fans are not as rich as she is and that she is famous because of them. That’s why a lot of them are disappointed with her, because wherever they asked her about her YouTube videos ( because they cannot pay for the ones one TIDAL ) she blocked them.
Some of them wrote this “ I can’t believe the person I idolize has blocked me after paying vip for pinkprint tour and everything. Nicki Minaj blocked me because I told her I can’t afford TIDAL and I asked her to put the videos on VEVO. “
Thank God David Guetta was good and kind enough and he didn’t sign the deal with TIDAL so fans of Nicki Minaj are able to watch the video for the song “ Hey Mama “.