A pardon for Robert Downey Jr.
A pardon for Robert Downey Jr.

It was perhaps the best Christmas gift Robert Downey Jr. could ask for!

The California Governor pardoned a nearly 20-year old felony that had initially given Robert Downey Jr. about a year’s worth of jail-time. It was not only Robert who received a pardon, but 91 others who all demonstrated successful rehabilitation from drug abuse and nearly 10 years of non-custodial.

Although it was a pardon, the offense is not completed eradicated from Robert’s criminal records. It does give him the right to vote and it is a proclamation to publicly say these people have continued to stay out of trouble and have, in fact, demonstrated ‘exemplary behavior’ on their part.

Downey, in the past, was known to be in and out of custody, having been convicted on several charges and arrests, including drugs; he is now a fine example of rehabilitation for other Hollywood veterans who still battle addiction problems. His problems with the law began in 1996 when he was caught speeding in LA and cocaine and a pistol were found in his possession. In 1999 he was sent to prison for a year for violating his probation.

Robert has been playing the iconic role of the Iron Man in a series of movies related to the Marvel comics. He has been nominated for an Oscar twice in his career; one for the movie “Chaplin” released in 1992 and the other for “Tropic Thunder” in 2008.

The Governor of California has made it almost like a tradition to issue pardons around the Christian holidays, such as Christmas and even Easter!