“Kris Jenner Weeping Clip After Bruce Interview – A Softer Side To Show”
“Kris Jenner Weeping Clip After Bruce Interview – A Softer Side To Show”

Everyone was waiting for Kris Jenner to say something to Diane Sawyer regarding the interview Bruce Jenner gave last month, which was a historic one. However, a website called Radar Online has gathered information that Kris Jenner made her statement through ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’

The information Radar Online received is that Kris Jenner immediately created a weeping video right after Bruce’s interview with Diane Sawyer. Many believe this was Kris Jenner’s attempt to get the public back on her side.  

A small clip of Kris Jenner’s interview showed Kris in her PJ’s with her daughter Kim at her side. Kris pleaded on how she wished life did not turn out this way. However, just about all sources state that this was nothing more than a ‘fake teary moment.’ These sources also believe that nothing could make-up for Kris’s harsh behavior at not supporting Bruce’s change in life. 

All individuals connected to this situation and those on the sidelines all believe that this video did not help matters at all. If anything, it only made matters worse. Now, it seems like there is a boxing match going on with the Jenner’s in one corner and the Kardashian’s in the other. 

Some say Kris Jenner is slowly losing her mind after going crazy on a blogger who asked why she did not provide one single statement regarding Bruce’s sex change. There is much more that will unfold regarding this story. Many believe the family will split-up or stop bothering with each other, but nothing is for certain at this time.