Doris Roberts dies at the age of 90
Doris Roberts dies at the age of 90

The last months were very difficult as many of the most talented people in the world have died. Doris Roberts is one of the brilliant people who left their fans too early, but her career will never be forgotten. Her talent is still present in movies, and her delightful personality will continue to be seen for generations to come.           

She started her acting career in 1951, and from small roles in unknown movies, she became one of the most appreciated actresses in the country. She has received not less than five Emmy Awards and a Screen Actors Guild award. Even during the last years of her life, she still managed to show her enthusiasm and energy on the big screen and television.

On April 19, 2016, Doris Roberts died in her home in Los Angeles. Although she lived a very healthy and active life, she finally succumbed to old age. She did not suffer from a disease, but her health and energy were gradually declining.

Ms Roberts died in her sleep, and was a great shock to everyone who knew her. All her colleagues remember Doris as an extraordinary and positive person who always tried to make others feel good. She never cared about awards or about her fortune; she wanted to make the world a better place with her talent, and she managed to do this from the beginning to the very end.

The comedy actress will remain a symbol of the movie in the following years, and young actors will always see her as a great inspiration.