Isreal Gutierrez From ESPN Comes Out of the Closet.... and Announces Wedding
Isreal Gutierrez From ESPN Comes Out of the Closet.... and Announces Wedding

Wedding bells are ringing as ESPN’s Israel Gutiérrez announced his engagement to David Kitchen for this upcoming September 12th.  In a touching and straightforward blog post, Gutierrez reveals openly that he is gay, engaged, and never happier as he has found his “true self.”

The 38-year old reporter began with an intro expressing how difficult it was to come clean and that he would talk in circles until it started to make very little sense. The blog entry allowed him to be less formal with no restrictions. “Just me letting you into a portion of my life I’ve kept largely separate from my professional career.  I’m gay, which plenty of people, I’m sure, have either deduced or just guessed as much over the years.”

In this post, published last Friday, Gutierrez says that this was a very well-known fact for his family and closest friends.  The main reason he decided to come clean was because of his upcoming wedding, and the fact that it would be annoying to have to explain himself every time someone spotted the ring on his finger.

Israel went on to sharing how he spent his teenage years in denial and how he felt like he did not fit in. He said that he couldn’t explain what it was back then, and that he knew his sexual preference deep down back then. However, he didn’t feel like he was on the same playing field as straight men, and that he was in deep denial. He admits that if he came out then, it likely would have broken him.   

He confesses that every time he would blow out his birthday candles, he would make the same wish: “Please don’t let me be gay.”  His prayers were about finding his true self, which he now acknowledges to have found with his new commitment.

Congratulations to the new couple and cheers to Israel and David!