Prince's secret vault at Paisley Park
Prince's secret vault at Paisley Park

Prince, the legendary songwriter, artist, and music performer died recently after he was being treated for flu symptoms. He was 57 years old when he passed. He had performed in concert just days before and appeared to be doing fine. However, the night before he was found unresponsive in an elevator on his estate, people saw him looking frail and very tired. He was making his third round to the pharmacy. 

As mysterious as his last few days were, Prince’s life and career were much the same. Paisley Park is where the artist stored his plethora of awards and his fans have rumoured long ago that there is also a secret vault on this estate. This secret vault was rumoured to have Prince’s unreleased songs that were recorded in the 1980s!

The rumour was confirmed recently by Susan Rogers. Susan was his sound engineer and has been a part of Prince’s team for decades. She played a very crucial role in collecting and preserving his legacy of music including the unreleased music, which is again speculated to be over two thousand tracks.

Susan also talked about a track called “Moonbeam Levels”, which she says is one of his finest works yet. It was Susan who wanted to store Prince’s work in a vault to protect them. She confessed to the Daily Mirror paper that she was obsessed with storing all of his material in one place - in the secret vault in the Minnesota mansion.

Prince would jam with other artists but would soon get bored with the track and would not publish it. Others who were on Prince’s team confirm that there is enough material in this maximum security vault to release an album every year for an entire century.