Patrons Threaten To Withdraw Donations
Patrons Threaten To Withdraw Donations

Avid listeners of the radio show 'Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!' have registered their protests against Kim Kardarshian's words on the show hosted by National Public Radio(NPR).

The entire controversy was a part of the weekly 'It's Not My Job' wherein guests are put through some grueling and gripping questions. Kadarshian was to answer questions put up by Mile Pesca. Her appreciation of Chicago anchorman Bill Kurtis's voice did rake up some controversy among the listeners.
 The non-profit radio station has been threatened with a complete withholding of donations from listeners in protest. This is going to translate into huge losses for the radio-station for it thrives by virtue of the donations it gets.

Complaints have been rolling in ever since the quiz-show went on air last week. The controversy is all about Kadarshian's response to a few questions related to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Many listeners found her appearance on the radio show a matter of controversy.

The show included Kardarshian chipping in on her new baby's name. The show went on to discuss the other important Kim, North Korean leader Kim. The show had responses and feedback from different people. The audience seemed to be of the opinion that the show had reached a climax when it had Kardarshian as a guest.

Listeners seem to trust the radio station it will give them something better than the Kardashians.  The latter are being blamed for whatever is wrong with the society in the US today. Listeners tune in to get a whiff of something different from the monotony of life.

This prompted NPR's ombudsman Elizabeth Jensen to put up a discussion forum related to the show called 'kommotion'.