Angelina Jolies transformations
Angelina Jolies transformations

This woman is one of the most beautiful women in the world and she is not only looking like an angel, but she is also a talented actress and a fighter for human rights. Who could have ever thought that this gorgeous woman will become totally different person, since she was a real “rebel” when she was young.
In this article we will write about her beginnings, her past and transformations.  Today she is happily married, she’s a fighter, director and an actress. But it wasn’t always like that. Before this whole fame thing she had problems with drugs, she married twice and she even wore the blood of her partner around her neck.

She will celebrate her birthday surrounded by her large family and a source says that she Brad will bake the cake, and they will eat it in peace.
Angelina wants to travel with Brad and visit a place where she can find beautiful beach with an amazing and romantic sunset. But let’s be real, wherever she goes, she will probably try to do another charity work – added source
Angelina wasn’t always like that. Like many of her movie characters, she had turbulent past. Back when she was 16 she was playing with her boyfriend “ a knife game “ while they were hurting each other with a knife until they started bleeding.

That’s why she had a tendency to hurt herself a lot when she was younger. Angelina thought it was liberating and therapeutic.
In 1995 she married famous actor Johnny Lee Miller and that marriage lasted for three years.
Her second marriage was with Billy Bob Thornton who was 20 years older than her. She even tattooed his name on her shoulder, which she later removed once they were divorced.