Gucci Has Show at Westminster Abbey
Gucci Has Show at Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, also known as the Collegiate Church of St. Peter at Westminster, is a medieval, historic church situated in the City of Westminster. History says an image of Saint Peter was seen alongside this site. This has been attributed to the abundance of fish that the Thames fishermen experienced right after the said sighting of Saint Peter's vision.

Given the Westminster Abbey's gothic beauty and richness in historical value, it has been the venue of many important events like royal weddings, memorials, and burials. But earlier this June, Westminster Abbey was the setting of a prestigious fashion event - the Gucci 2017 Cruise Collection Fashion Show.

Gucci, a luxury Italian fashion brand, instantly turned Westminster Abbey into a solitary fashion habitat with several fashionistas gathered. Alessandro Michele, the creative director, has made use of Punks and Victoriana as inspiration when he set up the walkways.

The models sported dresses with lace and frills, colorful skirts with bold designs and handbags with floral embroideries. These are ensembles that Gucci designed especially for clients who love spending the holidays on cruises during the winter season.

The fashion show at Westminster Abbey was a successful event. Michele had to face a lot of criticism when he opted to hold the show at the historical venue. There were religious groups and personalities who reproached him. Earlier, Michelle stated that fashion is all about amazing ideas. He thinks the market is ready and would always appreciate something different. With Westminster Abbey as its fashion show backdrop, there is no question that Gucci victoriously made a noise.